Meridian Construction offers septic installation, excavation and site work services.

Septic System Installation

Gravity Feed System

gravity feed system

Site preparation for new septic system.

gravity feed system

Infiltrator leaching field covered by 310 CMR Sand.

gravity feed system

Infiltrators and distribution box.

hydroseeded lawn

All cleaned up and lawn hydroseeded.

Pump Chamber System

prepare site for septic

Site preparation for septic installation.

leeching field

Infiltrator chambers in the leaching field.

lowering the septic tank

Lowering the septic tank.

septic tank & pump chamber

Septic tank & pump chamber are in place.

Every house whether new or old needs a properly functioning Title V Septic System. Meridian Construction has partnered with local Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors to ensure that you receive the highest quality services when designing and installing your new septic system. With operators/installers that are also top-tier carpenters, the means and methods of installation will be more precise than others if Meridian is part of your team. Your new septic system will have the maximum potential lifespan because of this and the overall attention to detail your project will receive.

Excavation and Site Work

site work equipment

Our site work equipment.

house demolition

Building demolition.

stump removal

Stump removal.

site work removal

Removing the debris.

Does your project need any utility trenching, foundation excavation, site grading or preparation, a building razed, or any combination of these? Meridian can deliver for you on any one or any combination of these. With four licensed operators and all the machinery required, Meridian can complete any site work or excavation your project calls for. Your plans will be executed to the exact details specified, in the time and for the price quoted. Don’t hesitate to call Meridian Construction for any and all of your site work and excavation needs!

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